Did You Know?

Attorneys Can Now Pay for Zoning Certs on-line

To better serve our attorney partners, we have opened a PayPal account, as an online option for you to make payments for zoning certifications.

It works like this:

Via your PayPal account, send $145.00 to Heritage at:


Please note the file number when remitting payment under "Add a Note."

The charge of $145.00 is broken down as follows:  

Zonings certifications =  $120.00
PayPal fee =                          $5.00
Surplus =                             $20.00

Messenger Fee (charged at closing) = $75.00 less the $20.00 surplus = $55.00.            
(The $20 surplus will be applied towards our messenger fee of $75, the balance of which is collected at closing.)

We offer this service solely as a convenience to our serviced attorneys. You are still welcome to drop off zoning payments to our office via check or cash for $120.00.

Please note: we cannot accept payments from 3rd parties (sellers/buyers/realtors, etc.) This service is solely for attorney offices.

Please call or email Mike with questions: 773 358 1058; mwanner@htctitleservices.com

Title Insurance CFPB Notice
In order to avoid confusion with the requirements of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), title insurance agents in Illinois are not issued “license” numbers. Such agents are “registered” and are given a registration number. Please use the registration number in order to comply with the “license” requirements of the CFPB.

As of October 3rd, 2015, TRID guidelines require that orders include contact information for Buyers' attorneys' and Seller and Buyer realtor contact information, including the realtors' MLS ID numbers.

When placing an order, a quick way for a Sellers' attorney to accomplish this is to send us a copy of the LAST page of the real estate contract when ordering. This page typically will include all of the required contact info.

Please call Lin or Mike at 773-545-8100 if you need clarification or have questions.


You can now schedule your closings on-line.

Click on the "Schedule a Closing" link at the top of the home page, fill out the information, and click on the "Submit" box when finished. You'll receive a return email to confirm once we have received your request and scheduled the date and time. 


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Did you know?

Attorney Agents can now pay for zoning certs online
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